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Diversity is Key to Writer Stanton DeFreitas

April 20, 2018

Few would disagree that Stanton DeFreitas is an accomplished businessman. And now, he is shifting careers and becoming a first-rate writer. That is just how he does things. From his perspective, Stanton DeFreitas credits his upbringing with his demonstrated talents. He puts a lot of stock in his upbringing in one of the most diverse regions of one of the most diverse cities in the world, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. While he was growing up, he almost couldn’t help but absorb his surroundings. These days, he wants to share the knowledge he gained about so many diverse with the whole world and to do so in a way that makes everyone’s life better and more successful.

Stanton DeFreitas operates from his firm belief that everyone in the world is affected by cultural diversity. They are most certainly affected by the inevitable clashes that happen when competing cultures collide. Mostly, these clashes are caused by ignorance of other cultures and a lack of understanding of the values they represent. Stanton DeFreitas thinks everyone should make a greater effort to broaden their horizons because that effort goes a long way toward lessening conflict.